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A photo project which represents both the human and architectural diversity present in the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris. Spanning 32 houses, and over 100 residents, this collection of portraits captures the constituent atoms of the Cité universitaire – its inhabitants – in their rooms, showing both the intimacy of the arrangement of ’their room’ and the view from their room, the unique architectural experience of each resident.

Sponsored by 'Fond d’initiatives des résidents" - CIUP 2018

Elodie - IMF
Sam - MIAA
Philppe - FLP
Yara - MDM
Pierre - IDF
Amit - MDI
Lili - MDC
Alexandre - MDI
Anna - FHH
Hamed  - DDM
Will - FEU
Elina - MDS
Jean Claude - MDR
Anne - BLP
Maximilien - FEU
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